This project is still under development.

We are making a very humble effort to provide the Lyrics of Jain Stavans, Hindu Bhajans, Aartis, Garba etc. to all Bhaviks of main religions in India. Lyrics are not easily available to the Bhaviks.

On YouTube mostly the music is available. Most of the Lyrics are collected from the Bhaviks like you and us who have hand written by listening either to the *.mp3 on a CD or on YouTube. Please note that the Lyrics may not actually match – word to word – to that with the You Tube link or the sample *.mp3 provided. These links are provided for reference only to learn the tune and how to sing the Stavan/Bhajan/Prayer etc.

We encourage the Bhavik(s) to make use of the available lyrics and YouTube link or sample *.mp3 link and sing your favorite ones at a Holy Place near you and experience the Ultimate Bliss.

With Best Wishes from Bhakti Bhavana Team